Simg_20161104_105930ightseeing with “Caterham Seven”

Do you fancy a light weight sports car?

Are you looking for some unique rental vehicle in West Japan area?

We offer our Caterham Seven car rental services at convenient locations around Wakayama prefecture.

Choose from our selection of Apps Rentacar at a affordable cost and find the perfect vehicle for your next trip in Japan.



Caterham Super Seven Rental Fees

Period Fees (ex tax)
Up to 3 hours 6,500 yen
Up to 6 hours 10,400 yen
Up to 12 hours 15,600 yen
Up to 24 hours 20,800 yen
Extend from 24 hours rental 800 yen
Supplementary cost Fees (ex tax)
Car Insurance
Personal objective Unlimited
(Disclaimer 200,000 yen, including “Automobile liability insurance”)
Vehicle 2,000,000 yen (Disclaimer 200,000 yen, Self-pay is needed if you have exceeded)
Fuel Fee(Depend of the distance which you travelled) 25 yen/Km

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