UNESCO World Heritage



Koyasan is located in the northeastern Wakayama. On the peak of Koyasan, surrounded by mountains which has a 1200-year-long history. More that 100 temples are scattered throughout the area, thus forming a great religious city.

Nachi Waterfall


Nachi Waterfalls is one of the famous waterfalls in Japan. It is on Nachi River, and the height is 133 meters and the width is about 13 meters. This waterfall has been the sacred body of Kumano area, and it has been worshiped.

Kumano Hongu Taisha


Kumano Hongu Taisha is a Shinto shrine located in Tanabe city, Wakayama Prefecture. It is included as part of the Kumano Sanzan in the UNESCO World Heritage site “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”.  All of the ancient Kumano Kodō Pilgrimage routes lead to this Grand Shrine.

Kumano Kodo


Kumano Kodo is a series of ancient pilgrimage routes that crisscross the Kii Hantō, the largest Peninsula of Japan.  The Kumano Kodō,was registered as UNESCO World Heritage, 2004 as the “Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range”.

Wakayama Castle


Wakayama Castle was built in 1585 under the command of Toyotomi Hideyoshi. Now it a symbol of Wakayama City, and its tower offers great views of the whole town. With approx. 600 Japanese cherry blossom trees, and very popular cherry blossom viewing spot in spring. The Momijidani Garden located within the castle grounds, also offers the chance to enjoy autumn in a beautiful traditional Japanese garden.


Hot Springs (Onsen)

Kawayu Onsen


Kawayu Onsen is a geological thermal wonder located on the Kumano-gawa River. The UNESCO World Heritage Kumano Hongu Taisha and Kumano Kodo pilgrimage routes are close by. From December to February, create a giant bath in the river called Sennin-buro. It is OK to wear bathing suits in the river baths!

Ryujin Onsen


Ryujin Onsen is a hidden, historical hot spring settlement situated in the mountainous heart of the Wakayama along the upper reaches of the Hidaka-gawa River.It is located at the southern entrance of the Ryujin-Koya Skyline highway that links Koyasan and the Kumano area and is a perfect place to stop and relax between these two sacred sites.  


Beach Area



Famous Shirarahama Beach is located in Shirahama cho, Wakayama. Consisting of 90 percent quartz, the sand is, as the name “Shirarahama” suggests, it means “white”. Shirarahama beach and Hawaii’s Waikiki beach (US) have been sister beaches since 2000.



Engetsuto island s a small island off the coast of Shirahama. It includes a natural arch through which seawater passes. The island is largely formed of sandstone and has become less stable over time. Most recommend period to visit is a sun rise / sunset time to see amazing view as this photo.

Hashikuiiwa Rocks


Hashikuiiwa Rocks is located in Kushimoto cho, and this town known for its beautiful seaside landscape. Hashikuiiwa Rocks in particular, which is a group of pointed rocks standing in line for 850 m long on the seaside, make for magnificent scenery.

Tomogashima Island


Tomogashima islands is the name for the chain of islands that includes Jinoshima,Torajima,Kamijima and Okinoshima. This secret place has become even more popular after it was equated to resembling the scenes in the animated movie, “Castle in the Sky” directed by Hayao Miyazaki.