Camping in Wakayama


In Wakayama, there are many camping site managed by local government. The benefits are so clean and good quality facilities and affordable price. If possible do book ahead.

Kumano Area :

Some camping site doesn’t need book in advance, however busy period including summer holidays, you must book in advance for your peace of mind…

Or you can stay with Apps Rentacar’s campervan at Road service area or any parking spaces.  You can relax and very comfortable as a home! Some of Road service, there have shower room / hot springs. Please check before you visit.



Shukubo Experience in Koyasan

SHUKUBO Experience in UNESCO World Heritage Site – Stay and Try Shojin Dishes and Sutra!

Kumano Kodo Walking

There are many options for walking the Kumano Kodo Pilgrimage route. You can do a few minutes walk to a week long trek through the mountains. Walking times can vary depending on walking pace and rest times. Please give yourself lots of time to enjoy the mountains of Kumano safely.

Kumano Kodo Suggested Walks :

In Koyasan, the various facilities and programs are prepared for visitors aiming for the experiences of Buddhism, the natural world and so forth.

Koyasan Shukubo Experience :



Fruits picking

o0460034513388558561Wakayama is a biggest Fruits Kingdom in Japan! Enjoy your fruits picking with Ume (Plam), Orange, Peach, Water melon, Grapes and Strawberries!

Hidakagawa :

Nayama Farm :