IMPORTANT : Be sure to contact the police and Apps Rentacar If anything cause an accident

ATTENTION : If there is no contact to the both, insurance does not apply.

Limit of Coverage

  • Bodily injury/death coverage (for third party) : Unlimited (exceeds Insurance including Automobile liability insurance : 200 thousand yen)
  • Property damage (for third party) : Unlimited (exceeds Insurance : 200 thousand yen)
    Coverage of compensation for damage caused to third party property (vehicles, premises, etc.).
  • Rented vehicle : 4 million yen (exceeds Insurance : 200 thousand yen))
  • Personal injury insurance : 5000 million yen per Passenger

Non-Operation- Charge (NOC)

If a vehicle requires repair or cleaning due to a traffic accident, theft, break down, defacement, or other causes not attributable to Apps Rentacar, the customer may be charged an NOC as part of the compensation for loss of use during the repair or cleaning of the vehicle. These amounts are fixed regardless of the degree of the damage or the time required for such repair or cleaning.

If the rented vehicle is returned to the originally planned office by rented vehicle : 20,000 yen(excluding tax)

If the vehicle can not be self-propelled, or it has not been returned until the period of the agreement : 50,000 yen(excluding tax)
*Responsibility for actual cost of the lecker vehicle
*Even if the rental vehicle is possible traveling, however streets left etc, will be charged 50,000 yen.


For inside and outside the vehicle of damage not due to a car accident

It will be charged actual expense for repairs, including stains, dirt or strong smells.

Cases that Invalidate Insurance/Protection

*Failure to comply with required procedures such as reporting to the police and Nippon Rent-A-Car at the site of the accident.
*Violation of the terms and conditions of Rental Agreement
*Exemption of coverage or payment under the applicable insurance policy or compensation system
*Drunk driving, drug usage and joyride
*Negligence in proper use or care of the rented vehicle