Pick up / Drop off Location

You can pick up / Drop off a car at Apps Rentacar office / Vivre Homes for free of charge!

Apps Rentacar Office :  1264-11 Misato, Inami Town, Hidaka District, Wakayama 649-1521 Japan

Vivre Homes :160-1 Noguchi, Gobo city, Wakayama 644-0031 Japan

Also, you can pick up / Drop off a car at the following 4 railway stations around the Apps Rentacar. No additional charge apply:

JR Gobo station, Inami Station, Inahara Station and Wasa station

One Way Rental

We also offers one-way rentals with extra charges, so you can pick up a campervan at one rental location and return it to another (subject availability).

SpecificLocations are : Wakayama Station / Kansai International Airport / Nanki Shirahama Airport. Please ask about the availability in advance.

Please contact us if you would like to unusual place to pick up / drop off your rental campervan.

Pick Up / Drop-off Charges
One-way pick up / drop-off fee may be charged in addition to rental charge. For the specific fee, please ask at the office or refer to price page.