Enjoy Kumano Kodo Pilgrim Route without walking?!

February 3, 2017

Kumano Kodo is one of two UNESCO-registered pilgrim route. Some routes are quite difficult to walk especially for elderly people, especially “Ogumo Torigoe” (大雲取越) in Nakahechi route. However, you can enjoy the view with Google Street View in their map! Google just added to the Street View. This route is most difficult…

What is “Deco Ben” / “Kyara Ben”?

January 27, 2017

If you have been to Japan, you already know about Bento (Pack Lunch). Do you know “Deco Ben” / “Kyara Ben”? Deco = Decoration Kyara = Caracter Ben = Bento This is completely new Japanese word. Sometime Japanese kids should bring their food to school lunch / picnic events. And…

The Best Child-friendly Restaurant in Wakayama

January 17, 2017

Looking to enjoy a meal out with young children? Dining with kids can be stressful and challenging at the best of times…. Adventure World (Wakayama) is a great place to visit with the kids and family Friendly Place to Eat in Kansai area as well. This is treat for mum…

Huge Outdoor Hot Spring in Wakayama

December 2, 2016

Do you like Onsen? (Hot Spring) Do you want to try something new? How about this? Yes! Its inside the river! It called “Sennin Buro”. Only in winter, it will turn the river into a large open-air hot spring which can fit up to 1,000 people. Only swimsuits are accepted. Night time…

Kawaii Unique Hotel in Wakayama

November 14, 2016

Are you looking for some hotels in West Japan? There are so many hotels in Kansai (West side of Japan) area however this is a crazy happy hotel. There have 25 dome rooms. How do you think? http://www.panda-village.com/

3 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Wakayama’s Shrine

October 26, 2016

1. THE MOST SACRED PLACES IN JAPAN is Wakayama When it comes to the subject of famous Temples and Shrines, most Foreign travelers only think about Kyoto or Nara prefectures.  But Wakayama Prefecture is right there with Kyoto and Nara with the important and sacred places.  One of the most…