5 reasons why you need to visit Wakayama

September 28, 2016

Do you know Wakayama, where is the prefecture of West Japan.

Actually, even Japanese people never visited to Wakayama especially people who lives around Tokyo.

I was born in Tokyo and used to live in London for 20 years. Finally, I am in Wakayama. For me, Wakayama is the best place in Japan.


So, here are 5 reasons why you need to visit Wakayama.


maxresdefaultIn Wakayama, there are so many place to meet to Gods (!).

Beauty of Nature

img_1You will be good during staying in Wakayama.

Hot Spring (Onsen) experience


Tsuboyu Onsen is the Japan’s oldest hot spring was registered with World Heritage. Also, kawayu Onsen is the best! You can enjoying Hot Spring with your family and friends inside the river.

Friendly People


People in Wakayama are so warm and friendly. Even you can not speak Japanese, people looks like it doesn’t matter!

Whole Foods


Eat fresh vegetable and fish, meat… In Wakayama, you can get everything!

Ready to book your trip? 😉

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