Eat Umeboshi Stay Healthy!

September 15, 2016

Do you know “Umeboshi”?

Have you ever tried Umeboshi plums?

Wakayama Prefecture has been the Japan’s leading producer of Umeboshi, and the Ume cultivar named “Nankobai” produces high-quality Umeboshi.


Umeboshi are pickled Ume fruits common in Japan. The word “umeboshi” is often translated into English as “Japanese salt plums,” “salt plums” or “pickled plums.


Umeboshi are a popular kind of Pickles (called “Tsukemono”) and are extremely sour and salty. Japanese people are usually served as side dishes for rice or eaten on rice balls for breakfast and lunch.


Did you know……? There are many healthy benefits of Umeboshi.

Here are some healthy benefits :

Diet, antibiotics, reduction of Cholesterol,
Normalization of blood pressure, anti-aging, hangover care etc….

Try Umeboshi in Wakayama!

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