New train “Medetai Train” debut in Wakayama

In April, the sightseeing train “Medetai train” has begun service on the Nankai-kada line running in Wakayama prefecture. The vehicle decorated with the “Sea Bream” representative seafood of Kada region in Wakayama City.

Train has pink body and big google eyes outside and fish shaped straps and seats with Bream patterned inside.





Medetai, meaning happy, blessed, or propitious. You can be happy when you get this train!

From Osaka to Kada, it takes about 60 minutes from Namba station to Wakayama city station by Nankai train, and then about 25 minutes to Kada station by “Medetai train.” (Sorry Only Japanse)

Take the “Medetai train” to Kada!


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