Wakayama Castle where Shogun Grew up

Wakayama Castle is a one of the symbol o Wakayama Prefecture.


Wakayama Castle was constructed in 1585 by Hashiba, Hidenaga, a younger brother of the famous Toyotomi, Hideyoshi.

The Shogun Yoshimune Tokugawa was born in 1684 in Kishu, and spent his childhood period here.

There are beautiful Japanese Garden with Japanese Tea Room.


To visit, completely free of charge!

And also there is a zoo for small kids and families, it also free of charge!

Only one thing needs to pay for climb the tower of the castle. (OMG but it cost around 400 yen only) If you climb the tower of the castle,  you can look all over Wakayama City. This may be a good way to take some picture of Wakayama City to start off your sightseeing.



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