Yuasa – Home of Japanese Soy Sauce

June 17, 2016

Do you fancy a Sushi?

Can you eat your Sushi without Soy Sauce? Actually, my answer is “No”.


So, in Wakayama, there have a birthplace of Soy Sauce, the city called Yuasa, a 40-minute train ride from Wakayama City (about 100 kilometers south of Osaka). Yuasa’s main pedestrian zone is about a 15-minute walk from Yuasa JR station.


Today, the entire city is protected by Japanese law — its of 323 houses and other traditional buildings (4 soy sauce breweries included).


Free rental bikes and maps can be found at the information center across from the Yuasa train station, behind the taxi stop.


Visit Soy Sauce factory in Yuasa, you will love it!

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